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Arturia launches AudioFuse - its debut audio interface

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Laura  Barnes
Arturia launches AudioFuse - its debut audio interface

AudioFuse is designed to give you immediate access to a whole host of functions, without the need to go menu diving.

Arturia has announced that its first ever audio interface, the AudioFuse, is now shipping.

After a long period of rigorous testing and refining, AudioFuse is now ready to greet the global community of musicians, producers, engineers, and audiophiles, with the first units expected mid-June 2017.

Simply put, AudioFuse is a next-gen audio interface. Sporting high quality hardware, unparalleled signal fidelity, and exclusive DiscretePRO preamps, and loaded with contemporary features and professional components, AudioFuse is a small, powerful, and versatile addition to anyone’s creative setup.

Custom designed by Arturia’s engineers, the dual state-of- the-art mic preamps with a class-leading >131dB A-weighted EIN rating offers impressive dynamic range and the lowest signal-to-noise ratio in its category. Its discrete analog components give you access to the level of professional audio performance you find in the most well-known studios.

Recording is a hands-on process, and AudioFuse aims to complement the way you create music by giving you immediate access to a whole host of functions, without the need to go menu diving.

If you need to select the talkback mic, press the button. Want to hear more of the input signal? Turn the dedicated knob. Need to switch monitors from A to B? Press a button. Want more level in one set of headphones? Not a problem, each one has its own volume knob. It’s like having your own mini-console on your desktop. You can even stop accidentally changing settings when you hit the stage by putting the lid on.

AudioFuse can be used with a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. Connections include USB 2.0, ADAT in/out, word clock & S/PDIF in/out, RIAA phono/line inputs, speaker switching outputs A&B, two independent headphone outputs, channel inserts with guitar-reamping capabilities, MIDI in/out, and a 3-Port USB hub. It even features four power modes, so you can save laptop battery life when you’re on location.

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