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Brainworx launches bx_console E plugin

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Laura  Barnes
Brainworx launches bx_console E plugin

Engineers can create a dream hybrid mixing console from the comfort of their DAW.

Pro audio plugin developer Brainworx has announced the availability of bx_console E.

Brainworx’s new flagship plugin pairs a 72-channel emulation of the high-end, hit-making British E Series console complete with comprehensive COMPRESS (compressor/limiter), full-featured EXPAND (expander/gate), powerful four-band parametric EQ, and wide-ranging (high pass and low pass) FILTERS, together with flexible signal routing (just like the original console), and more.

Exclusively available from Plugin Alliance, the bx_console E uses patent-pending TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology) to simulate the channel-to-channel variances of the E Series’ electronic components on each and every instance of the plugin.

bx_console E enables users to instantly swap the original console’s EQ revisions, substitute the compressor’s VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) with that from the later-released British G Series console, and use contemporary Brainworx mods that greatly expand the functionality of the plugin way beyond what the original console is capable of.

In essence, engineers can create a dream hybrid mixing console with startling analog sound in the box by blending features of E and G Series consoles with modern functions from within the comfort of their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

With the click of a mouse, users can recall a different E Series channel on each instance of bx_console E instantiated in their project, instantly producing that mixed-on-a-large-format-analog-console sound that is still so highly sought after today. That said, on any given plugin instance, another mouse click (of the EQ TYPE button) is all it takes to swap models of the very different-sounding ‘black’ and ‘brown’ EQ revisions for the analog E Series console, either of which can be placed before (PRE) or after (EQ) bx_console E’s dynamics section, or routed to its dynamics sidechain (SC).

Further still, another mouse click substitutes a model of the pristine-sounding VCA from the later-released British G Series console’s compressor for the more colorful E Series VCA on any channel. Both COMPRESS (compressor/limiter) and EXPAND (expander/gate) can be triggered by another DAW track routed to their external sidechain input, producing keyed rhythm tracks, ducked guitar fills, and other sophisticated effects.

“It’s hard to describe the excitement of sitting at a real analog, large-format E Series console, comparing it to our bx_console E plugin emulating the exact same console, and not being able to tell the difference,” said Brainworx Owner Dirk Ulrich.

“Other emulations miss the most crucial part of what makes those big boards so desirable, which is the depth and width of the sound; you can only get that from many slightly different channels together, working their magic on the music.”

bx_console E is available for purchase — as an AAX Native & DSP-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting plugin for Mac OS X, Windows, and Pro Tools — exclusively from Plugin Alliance for an introductory promo price of $179.00 until August 31st 2017, rising to $299.00 thereafter.

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