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D'Addario unveils new guitar, bass and ukulele accessories

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Laura  Barnes
D'Addario unveils new guitar, bass and ukulele accessories

New picks, multi-tools and maintenance kits from D’Addario.

D’Addario has introduced a number of new accessories and maintenance products for guitar, bass and ukulele.


First up, is the D’Addario Multi-Tool, which provides the tools needed for most standard adjustments on your guitar and bass. The multi-tool features US and metric-sized keys made of long-lasting, heat-treated S2 steel in a compact design.

The 10-in-1 multi-tool features the following:

– 3 Fractional hex keys (0.05, 1/8, 3/16)
– 4 Metric hex keys (1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm)
– 2 Phillips screwdrivers
– 1 slotted screwdriver

It has an RRP of £17.49 and will be available from September 1st.


D’Addario Accessories has announced an alternative pick innovation to its line of accessories – the Acrylux series.

The new Acrylux guitar picks are available in two different blends, Reso and Nitra, which offer two distinct tones while providing the grip and output that is famous of acrylic picks.

The Reso version comes in transparent red, made of pure acrylic for a brighter tone, while the Nitra is black pearl, made from an acrylic and nitrate blend for a warmer tone.

Available in standard and jazz shapes, a pack of 3 has an RRP £11.49, 25-pick bulk packs, for “per pick” sales, have an RRP of £69.

The new Acrylux series is available from September 1st.


D’Addario Accessories has also unveiled a new low-cost alternative to strap locks with the Dual-Lock Strap Lock.

The lock provides additional instrument protection without need of modification to your straps. The Dual-Lock clips onto your existing strap button, preventing the strap from releasing accidentally.

Additionally, the Dual-Lock can be clipped onto your instrument cable, securing your cable to your instrument to prevent the plug from being pulled unintentionally from the input jack.

The D’Addario Dual-Lock Strap Lock will be sold in pairs for £3.50 RRP and will be available from September 1st.


Next up are D’Addario’s new guitar and bass maintenance kits are a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain guitar or bass. The sleek design keeps all products in place and ready to go when you need them.

Each case contains individual component compartments, pockets for extra strings (not included), and magnet to hold screws, nuts, washers, etc.

Both the guitar and bass kits has an RRP of £92 and are available now.


Last but not least, D’Addario has introduced the Ukulele Felt Pick – its first pick targeted to the ever-growing ukulele market.

Traditional picks can produce a harsh tone on strings, which is why felt has been the go-to material for ukulele picks for years.

The D’Addario Ukulele Felt Pick is 3.0mm thick and uses a stiff felt for more projection and more articulate picking while maintaining a warm tone. The elliptical cutout provides extra grip and flexibility.

In addition to ukulele, these picks are excellent alternatives to finger plucking on bass guitar.

The picks are available in a 4-pack, which has an RRP of £7.70, and a 25-pack, which has an RRP of £38.50.

The D’Addario Ukulele Felt Picks are available now.


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