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Fuzzrocious' lunaReclipse pedal 'first of its kind'

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Fuzzrocious Pedals


Laura  Barnes
Fuzzrocious' lunaReclipse pedal 'first of its kind'

This unique pedal comes offers 12 ways to clip your instrument.

High Tech Distribution has announced that it is now stocking Fuzzrocious Pedals’ brand new lunaReclipse.

Claiming to be “the first effect of its kind”, it features a 12-position rotary providing 12 ways to clip (distort/provide overdrive) your instrument or re-clip any effect that comes before the lunaReclipse.

If placed near the front of your signal line, lunaReclipse can drive other effects in “new, exciting, vibrant ways”.

If you want a more vintage distortion/overdrive sound out of your modern, high gain distortion, turn the lunaReclipse rotary to 2:00 and allow a pair of germanium diodes to re-clip the circuit and provide a more vintage feel.

Turn it to 10:00 to use asymmetrical germanium-germanium/LED clipping to provide a sound that feels both modern and vintage.

“With a simple volume control and 12 rotary positions to choose from, dialling and sculpting a new, exciting sound of your instrument and other effects pedals opens up a world of possibilities,” said HTD UK.

The Fuzzrocious lunaReclipse is available now. For more information visit


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