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New Alpine Muffy Baby protects the hearing of babies and kids at festivals

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Laura  Barnes
New Alpine Muffy Baby protects the hearing of babies and kids at festivals

The new device can also help improve concentration and focus in noisy environments.

Alpine Hearing Protection has introduced its latest product designed to protect the hearing of babies and children.

Apline explained that in the early stages, an infant’s hearing is very sensitive, and this could be an issue for parents who may have exposed their children to loud noises, without even realising it.

Alpine claims its CE-approved Earmuff for the very young is a world-first and aims to combat this problem.

“The Mu?y Baby is designed to prevent hearing loss in small children and provide maximum hearing protection against harmful noises at festivals, parades, festivals, fairs, ?rework displays and motor racing events,” said the firm.

The Alpine Mu?y Baby has been designed to ensure a comfortable fit and includes a washable elastic headband, which is easy to adjust thanks to the Velcro fastenings.

The Muffy Baby also features diagonal headband guide so that the child’s face isn’t covered.

The headband is available in pink and blue, with a neutral grey headband also included in the box with both colour options.

“For toddlers over the age of two we recommend the Muffy for optimal hearing protection,” said Alpine. “These robust and durable ear muffs will provide superior noise reduction and they’re available in pink, blue, black, and white. All four designs have colourful striped headbands.”

Both the Muffy and Muffy baby can help improve concentration and focus in noisy environments, and each package contains a matching Protect & Go bag.

Alpine’s Muffy Baby is distributed by Active Music. For more information visit


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