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New lightweight Samba drum line from Soar Valley Music

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Laura  Barnes
New lightweight Samba drum line from Soar Valley Music

Contemporânea’s new range follows on from its popular Ginga models.

Percussion specialists Soar Valley Music has introduced a new range of Brazilian Samba drums into the UK.

The ‘Light’ series is from the manufacturers of the renowned Contemporânea brand of drums and are made in Brazil.

Popular with music classrooms and community Samba bands alike, Contemporânea Samba drums have a reputation for quality and sturdiness; essential for being played and paraded through the streets at carnival time.

The new Light drums have the added bonus of lightweight construction, yet retain a professional quality of build, making them ideal for primary school children, as well as perfect for Samba bands on a budget looking to extend or replace their inventories.

“The Light range succeeds the Ginga range from Contemporânea and is placed in the same price bracket, ensuring that UK schools and bands can continue to buy Samba gear at a sensible price and retailers can make good margins,” said Soar Valley Music.

Interested retailers and education suppliers can contact David Ledsam on 0116 2304926 or for further details.

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