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Nord Sample Library 3.0 now available

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Laura  Barnes
Nord Sample Library 3.0 now available

The library is compatible with the recently introduced Nord Stage 3.

Nord and Sound Technology have announced the availability of the Nord Sample Library 3.0 for Stage 3 owners.

The Nord Sample Library is a freely downloadable selection of quality sampled sounds from a wide range of genres specifically for compatible Nord Keyboards, including the exclusively licensed original sounds from the legendary vintage tape-samplers Mellotron and Chamberlin.

The newly released Nord Sample Library 3.0 is compatible with the recently introduced Nord Stage 3, whilst the existing Nord Sample Library 2.0 is compatible with Nord Electro 3/4/5, Nord Stage 2/2EX, Nord Piano 2/3 and Nord Wave.

Once downloaded, the sounds are easily transferred to the compatible Nord instrument with Nord’s Sound Manager software. Nord’s sample playback engine uses a highly efficient lossless compression algorithm that makes it possible to fit more/larger-sized samples into the memory of the units, without compromising the sound quality.

The Sample Libraries, together with the acclaimed Nord Piano Library, are all available for free download at


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