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Pan Flutes added to Impact Soundworks' Ventus Ethnic Winds series

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Laura  Barnes
Pan Flutes added to Impact Soundworks' Ventus Ethnic Winds series

The latest instalment includes over 650 phrases shared between its inbuilt Nai and Toyo instruments.

Audio software creator Impact Soundworks has introduced the fourth entry into its Ventus Ethnic Winds series.

Ventus Ethnic Winds - Pan Flutes features, for the first time, two instruments in one – the versatile nai pan flute from Romania and the powerful toyo bass pan flute from Andean Peru and Bolivia.

Amazingly, as a distinctive-sounding group of musical instruments, pan flutes – also commonly known as panpipes or, less so, syrinx – independently initiated all over the world, albeit all based on the principal of the closed tube, consisting of multiple pipes of gradually increasing length (and, occasionally, girth) created from various kinds of wood or reed.

With all that in mind, they are a perfect fit for Impact Soundworks’ suitably-named Ventus Ethnic Winds series, deliberately designed to take users on a gripping global journey, capturing the tones of phenomenally performed solo woodwinds outside of the Western repertoire.

Originating in ancient Romania, the nai – a higher-pitched pan flute with an instantly recognisable sound – was performed by composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist Josh Plotner during extensive sampling sessions, successfully capturing all key articulations and a full range of playing techniques of the instrument.

The lower-pitched and haunting toyo is a traditional Andean instrument with a rich history. It was originally primarily played by women, and, with its large size and multiple rows of pipes, often required two performers. The toyo belongs to a greater family of pan flutes known as siku, which, in turn, gives its name to the musical genre known as sikuri.

Saying that, the bright, breathy tones of both of these particular pan flutes can easily be used for ambient and soft stylings, but also respond well to extremely bright and agile playing with sharp staccatos, pops, and tongued notes.

Ventus Ethnic Winds - Pan Flutes also includes over 650 phrases shared between its inbuilt Nai and Toyo instruments, all performed in a variety of styles and lengths that can quickly be used with KONTAKT or loaded as .WAV files for further editing, slicing, and arrangement within a DAW directly.

Ventus Ethnic Winds – Pan Flutes can be purchased and digitally downloaded (as a 6GB library totalling 6,200-plus 24-bit samples) directly from Impact Soundworks for $99.

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