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Plugin Alliance adds elysia karacter emulator to its product portfolio

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Laura  Barnes
Plugin Alliance adds elysia karacter emulator to its product portfolio

The new plugin is available for Mac, Windows and Pro Tools.

Plugin Alliance has announced the availability of karacter – an emulation of elysia’s class-A stereo saturator.

Karacter is actually a bundle of two plugins — karacter mix and karacter master, the former providing a straightforward set of controls for treating mono and stereo tracks, while the more surgical latter lets users process full mixes, stereo stems, and subgroups, thanks to its independent left and right channel controls or, in MS Mode, mid and side channels.

Both the karacter mix and karacter master plugins provide three different modes with which users can paint project tracks with colorful harmonics. Creatively, the standard saturation mode makes for fattening gently while heightening harmonics. FET Shred mode mimics the pleasing distortion of a driven tube amp, adding a relative boost to harmonics. Turbo Boost mode — only available in FET Shred mode — hard-clips signal tops and sounds superb whether used for far-reaching processing of individual tracks or being tasked with severe sound design duties.

Karacter creates a wonderful world of tremendous tones and timbres courtesy of a carefully chosen small set of controls that can completely change the character of a sound, alongside a stereo M/S (Mid-Side) control that opens up several possibilities for creative effects.

Karacter is available for Mac, Windows and Pro Tools exclusively from Plugin Alliance for $199.

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