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Roland brings back the iconic TR-808 with new ultra-compact model

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Laura  Barnes
Roland brings back the iconic TR-808 with new ultra-compact model

The new drum machine can support audio and MIDI over USB.

The most influential drum machine is back, in a new, ultra-compact TR-08 boutique model.

The TR-08 is an obsessively detailed and faithful replica of the legendary TR-808. After creating a monumental shift in the sound of music, the “808” has continued to shape and define entire genres. Beloved by musicians and producers the world over, it’s one of the most revered and sought-after electronic musical instruments of all time.

The TR-08 brings the look, sound, and feel of the original 808 to the Roland Boutique format.

Time has not diminished the TR-808’s influence. New genres continue to make use of the 808, with some utilising it as the main instrument and defining sound of the style.

The new TR-08 adds some thoughtful and modern touches to the classic formula. The sequencer has 16 sub-steps per step, so you can create detailed snare fills and intricate, rolling hi-hats. It also has a track-selectable trigger out for working with other instruments like the TB-03, SH-01A, or modular gear.

An unobtrusive LED display provides finer control of tempo and shuffle. You can step-program or tap in your parts in real-time without stopping to change modes. Everything sends and receives MIDI control messages and it even supports audio and MIDI over USB.

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