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StompLight launches DMX Pro Stage Lighting System in UK

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Laura  Barnes
StompLight launches DMX Pro Stage Lighting System in UK

Musicians and bands can create their own stage lighting with this new stompbox-style system.

USA brand StompLight has brought its DMX Pro Stage Lighting System to the UK.

The firm claims it is the world’s first comprehensive, self-contained, lighting array controller in stompbox format.

The DMX allows musicians to effortlessly create sound-activated stage lighting on the fly.

Featuring a collapsible Cree LED array, the system is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium, weighs just 3.8 Ibs (1.72 Kilos) and is small enough to fit in a gig bag.

“The StompLight DMX Pro is the perfect solution for gigs lacking adequate stage lighting and, with the optional rechargeable lithium battery pack, this innovative lighting system is ideal to bathe a small band, duo or solo artist in beautiful colour, literally anywhere,” said the makers.

The system is easy to operate, consisting of three foot switches and two rotary controls, offering independent, adjustable brightness, rate and sensitivity within five operational lighting modes.

– Colour Wheel: Display automatically cycles through 360 colours.
– Solid Colour: Step manually through colours - foot switch control.
– Microphone: Display is triggered via built-in microphone, 7 band spectrum analyser separates frequencies and assigns colours.
– Instrument: Display is activated by guitar pedal board, microphone or mixer.
– Stroboscopic: Classic coloured strobe output.

The StompLight DMX Pro also has a ‘user configure’ section for custom switch settings.

Additional Stompbox ‘PAL’ slave units with their floor wedge design, are easily daisy-chained and driven by the DMX Pro and can be placed on the stage floor, pedal board or, weighing just 1.6 lbs (0.72 kilo) each, are light enough to be mounted on a microphone stand.

The StompLight DMX Pro Stage Lighting System has an RRP of £289, while the Stompbox PAL slave units are £239 each.


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