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WATCH: New Dream Cymbals TriHat series now available in the UK

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WATCH: New Dream Cymbals TriHat series now available in the UK

The Stranglers’ Jim Macaulay demonstrates the new hi-hats.

Canadian-based Dream Cymbals has introduced its successful ‘TriHat’ Hi-hats to the UK.

There will be a celebratory store launch day on 12th May at authorised UK Dream retailers, which will include store appearances and TriHat demonstrations by U. rostered Dream artists such as Adam Gammage – who currently plays for BBC Music ‘Sound Of 2017’ nominee Tom Grennan.

The Dream TriHat has been designed to redefine how drummers think about Hi-hats. Of all the cymbals a drummer uses, the most time is spent playing the Hi-hat, yet, typically, they are expensive to own and slow to swap out during a gig if a different sound is required for the next tune. The Dream TriHat is designed to be the perfect solution.

Dream has done away with the top/bottom hat designations and carefully selected three hi-hat cymbals that create the most dynamic mix of hat sounds available.

Any of the three can be a top or bottom, allowing up to six sound combinations. By adding an extra clutch to the package, quick changes during a set are easy. You can move from velvety and warm, to rockin’ and fat, to tight and crisp with just one TriHat pack.

Each TriHat set includes a 14” Bliss, Contact and Energy hi-hat cymbal, an extra Hi-hat clutch and a streamlined bag to carry it all in. Available pack models are ‘Diversity’ and ‘Elements’, each retailing at £320.

Watch The Stranglers’ Jim Macaulay demonstrate the new TriHat series in the video below:

Dream Cymbals are distributed in the UK by SVM Percussion. For more information visit


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