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Yamaha's Genos promises to be the most advanced digital workstation ever

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Laura  Barnes
Yamaha's Genos promises to be the most advanced digital workstation ever

Genos features nearly twice the amount of AWM2 sample ROM as the Tyros5.

Yamaha has introduced Genos, its new digital workstation keyboard.

Promising to be the ‘most advanced digital workstation keyboard ever’, Genos is packed with sounds, enhanced DSP effects, real accompaniment styles, and studio integration.

The flagship instrument has been rethought from the ground up to “inspire and empower” songwriters to create finished compositions entirely within its intuitive and powerful environment – while at the same time vastly improving the accompaniment features that live keyboard entertainers know and love.

Genos features nearly twice the amount of AWM2 sample ROM as the Tyros5 that chronologically preceded it, including new Yamaha CFX and C7 concert grand Voices. Brand new Revo! drum and special FX Voices use more dynamic sampling and round-robin triggering to create human rhythm parts.

Also new are Kino strings, developed with film and TV scoring in mind. Their sound quality is on par with the best software scoring libraries, and they use similar stereo techniques – such as panning different players in the string section to different channels – to achieve blockbuster-worthy authenticity.

New brass Voices are also on hand, as are new guitars (acoustic and electric), basses, synth leads and pads, accordions, and more.

With 256 notes of true stereo polyphony, available notes will never be cut in half just because stereo Voices are in use, and even dense arrangements and performances won’t brush the “ceiling.” Plus, Articulation Element Modeling (AEM) technology automatically chooses the correct instrument articulation (a way an instrument can sound depending on how it is played) in real time according to the player’s keyboard technique: key velocity, tempo, legato versus staccato, and so on.

This allows for flawlessly realistic acoustic instrument emulations across brass, strings, woodwinds, guitars, and many other categories. The player can also select specific articulations (bowing techniques, guitar slides, brass fall-offs, and much more) using the three Articulation buttons or connected controllers such as pedals.  


Despite the Genos’ deep feature set and technical prowess, songwriters of a decidedly music-first, technology-second bent are finding it intuitive and immediate to use. Among these are Nashville A-listers Beth Nielsen Chapman and Ashley Gorley.

“I get inspired, usually, from a sound. That’s why I’m so crazy about this keyboard, because the sounds are so fabulous. … It’s like having a co-writer that’s me, so we get along really good! I find it very intuitive for a person like me, and I think a lot of songwriters are like this. Our minds are just going bzzz, and this is probably one of the most simple setups I’ve ever worked with …  There are these lovely sounds that I can layer and make each song really unique unto itself. I can’t wait to really use this as a main tool to create production ideas,” said Beth Nielsen Chapman

Ashley Gorley, commented: “Nashville is a guitar town, but I’d always written — and still when there’s a writers’ round or a Bluebird-type event — I would always use keyboard. The first thing I noticed was ... really good piano sounds.

“There’s always been a struggle with keyboards’ drums and guitars. The guitars usually don’t come across well, but on this one, I can hold onto things and make it sound a little bit more like I’m messing around on the guitar. It’s great. … Especially if you’re not a computer-proficient person where you can download millions of libraries and go through all that — that’s a whole day to do that, and if it’s three minutes, then I’d forget whatever I was going to play! So to have the right amount of sounds ... one page where I can see it here and affect it here, then I’m good. This sounds like it could actually be part of a track.”

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