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Zylia's ZM-1 microphone is the 'world's first portable recording studio'

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Laura  Barnes
Zylia's ZM-1 microphone is the 'world's first portable recording studio'

The ZM-1 can record multiple instruments simultaneously, then separate each individual instrument from the full audio mix.

Audio and VR technology developer Zylia has introduced its brand new ZM-1 microphone, which it believes will “change the way people create music”.

Aiming to bring life back into the music production process, the new microphone claims to be the “world’s first portable recording studio”.

“Over recent decades, whilst music tastes and inspiration has developed and transformed, the technology behind it hasn’t. However, this is set to change with the ZYLIA ZM-1 Microphone,” said the firm.

“For the past three years the team at Zylia has been working hard on developing what is currently being referred to by the industry as a revolution in music recording.”

The ZYLIA ZM-1 allows the user to record multiple instruments simultaneously, the microphone then intelligently separates each individual instrument from the full audio mix – while preserving the natural acoustic colour of the individual instrument tracks.

For musicians, Zylia says this offers up unrestricted creativity and introduces a whole new live, multi-track recording experience. Essentially, a full band can be recorded with only one microphone, which Zylia says is something no other product has been capable of achieving up until this point.

Zylia has launched an official Indiegogo campaign launch for the ZM-1 Microphone. It’s already smashed its target funding goal of $30,000 but there’s still plenty of time to get involved here.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but with the company being awarded with “Best in Show” at Summer NAMM 2017 in the category ‘Companies To Watch’ – we’ll be keeping an eye on how the portable studio develops.


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