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10 terrifying guitars to get you in the mood for Halloween

Laura  Barnes
10 terrifying guitars to get you in the mood for Halloween

Yep, it’s that time of year again where we search the internet for the spookiest guitars in town to get you in the spirit of MI Pro’s favourite holiday season, Halloween!

We’ve seen some pretty horrific guitar designs over the years, from the unnerving “Armless Blonde”, to last year’s classic “snake-bass-with-foot”.

This year we’ve brewed up a devilish concoction of guitars and basses guaranteed to either scare the life out of you, make you chuckle, or make you wonder what kind of warped mind would create such a monstrosity.

Here are 10 more disturbing guitars to add to your creepy collection:
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1. Let’s start off with a classic Halloween design: The skeleton!

Any Zakk Wylde / Ozzy Osbourne / Halloween fan should have at least one Epiphone coffin guitar in their collection.

Be prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse with this charming guitar.

Halloween would not be Halloween without The Nightmare Before Christmas.

5. For those still getting over the trauma of the return of IT, this might not help…

Bonecrusher, anyone?

Hand-painted evil pumpkins are what Halloween is all about.

Bloody. Hell.

This 3D-printed spider web guitar is pretty cool, but how would you know if a real spider crawled in there?!

As always, we’ve saved the weirdest guitar for last. It’s not your typical Halloween treat, but it’s certainly the creepiest thing we’ve come across this year!

Happy Halloween!

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