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Adam Hall Group partners with [MA] Music Academy to supply Gravity Stands to its 17 schools

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Adam Hall Group partners with [MA] Music Academy to supply Gravity Stands to its 17 schools

The Adam Hall Group has announced a cooperative partnership with [MA] Music Academy.

The Group is now the official stand supplier for the private musical education provider.

The stand solutions from the brand Gravity are in use in all 17 [MA] Music Academy branches nationwide and provide support for [MA] Music Academy teachers and students during their day-to-day musical activities.

The Gravity equipment provided by the Adam Hall Group includes various stand solutions for microphones (folding legs and round base), keyboards, guitars, speakers, sheet music and merchandising articles. Altogether, the [MA] Music Academy has around 700 stands from the Gravity brand for more than 500 teachers and 6,000 students nationwide.
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“At every [MA] Music Academy location, at least seven hours of lessons take place every day,” explained Lars Dannenberg, founder and managing partner of MA Music Academy Europe GmbH. “Here, the quality and durability of the Gravity stands pays for itself. And the five-year warranty is an absolute USP.”

In addition to regular educational use, the stands are also used for [MA] Music Academy external events, such as rock nights, city festivals and promotional activities.

“In [MA], we are delighted to have found a perfect partner to help budding musicians and young artists pursue their great passion – a passion that also drives us at the Adam Hall Group every day, whether it is for young talent, clubs or schools such as the Music Academy,” explained Nikke Blout, Global Marketing Director, the Adam Hall Group.

“With Gravity stands, we provide [MA] students with a wide variety of practical and reliable tools to enable them to concentrate fully on the music and their instruments.”

Dannenberg continued: “The cooperation between the Adam Hall Group and [MA] Music Academy brings together two premium music business suppliers. The quality, design and trendy brand image of the Gravity stands meets state-of-the-art, high-quality music teaching at the [MA] Music Academy.”

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