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Casio Music UK teams up with Rockschool to encourage beginner musicians

Laura  Barnes
Casio Music UK teams up with Rockschool to encourage beginner musicians

Casio Music UK has announced a new collaboration with the UK’s leading examination body for Rock and Pop Music.

Casio has teamed up with Rockschool to provide a free downloadable digital music book with the purchase of selected qualifying instruments.

This taster book is aimed at providing a fun and engaging way to ensure that beginner pianists and keyboard players maintain their interest by learning songs from modern Pop artists that they know and love.

The collaboration provides Casio customers an opportunity to digitally download and instantly start learning songs from Coldplay, Alicia Keys, Ray Charles and many more.
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The partnership also helps to solve the time-honoured barrier to purchase of beginners and parents alike concerned as to whether their children will stick to learning the piano or keyboard. We want our customers to continue their musical journey and become customers once again in the future.

“Working with Rockschool is another way in which we can encourage ‘would be’ beginners to stick with their musical goals and develop as musicians using modern content,” said Neil Evans, head of Casio Music UK.

“A high percentage of learners give up in the early stages simply because they are not engaged or are forced down a more traditional route.... We hope to help address this with our unique partnership.”

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