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Crowdfunding Corner: ACPD Drum Kit, LightLead, Toneroll, SoundBridge

Laura  Barnes
Crowdfunding Corner: ACPD Drum Kit, LightLead, Toneroll, SoundBridge

MI Pro checks out the latest musical instrument projects looking for backers, or recently funded, on popular crowdsourcing sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

ACPD Drum Kit

The ACPD Drum Kit from WIFO turns any smart device into a virtual drum set and comes with a kick pedal and drum sticks. There is an educational game app that comes with the gadget, which helps you to learn to play and practice. The ACPD Drum Kit and Game aims to make drumming easy, fun, and affordable.

“Even if you’re an experienced drummer, it’s a good way to keep your skills sharp when you aren’t near your set. You can go through some drills during your morning commute or use any drum app, anywhere you want without having to drag your huge drum set along with you,” explained WIFO co-founder Casey Kyung.
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The makers are offering a special 50% off deal to everyone who pre-orders through the Kickstarter campaign from now until June 23rd. Check it out here.


LightLead is the world’s first optical analogue, jack to jack, musical instrument cable offering musicians a lead with zero capacitance and loading, resulting in a more precise and crystal clear sound.

Initially developed for guitar, bass and electric violin, LightLead is ideal for any electric stringed instrument where a lead is required.

LightLead is built in the UK and hand finished to ensure quality and long life of the product. The design has been carefully thought through to allow changeable LightLead cable lengths. It uses a single AA battery at each end giving approximately 18hrs of playing time.

LightLead avoids interference by not using any wire through its length, this also protects you from ground loops and other electrical shock hazards.

The lead has already been used to record Coldplay’s Grammy Award-winning album Head Full Of Dreams, with its producer, Rik Simpson, calling it a “clever bit of kit”.

You can get involved in funding LightLead’s Kickstarter campaign here.


Toneroll is an open-source, musically intelligent web application, offering what it claims is the first real-time music transcription system on the web.

With Toneroll, musicians can simplify their creative process and turn songwriting into an easy task by transcribing live music performances into music notation automatically.

Toneroll eliminates the need for note taking and frees you up to play your instrument. You can just play your instrument while the system perceives and draws your composition over a piano roll in real-time, including single notes and chords. Toneroll comes ready to export your transcription into several file formats, including sheet music and MIDI, meaning you can utilise your composition through any music software such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Finale etc.

Help fund Toneroll’s Indiegogo campaign here.


SoundBridge is a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation that emphasises mobility, connectivity and ease of use.

SoundBridge is an omni-recording experience, transcending desktop, mobile, and in-browser recording environments. Its online collaboration engine allows you to seamlessly connect, communicate and transfer data, among an unlimited number of collaborators per project.

“We’ve optimised the user experience and made the application high resolution with 5 colour schemes, added channel strip and plugin presets, a swing tool, advanced mixer routing, complex automation, randomisers, and much more,” explained SoundBridge’s maker Wake Anderson.

Find out more about this nifty DAW over at SoundBridge's Kickstarter page.

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