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Crowdfunding Corner: Freedrum, Integral mic array, Standley, Fretx, Anatron

Laura  Barnes
Crowdfunding Corner: Freedrum, Integral mic array, Standley, Fretx, Anatron

MI Pro checks out the latest musical instrument projects looking for backers, or recently funded, on popular crowdsourcing sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Freedrum Pocket Drum Kit

Freedrum is a virtual drum kit that fits in your pocket. Whether you’re an aspiring drummer or you have been doing it for decades - Freedrum is designed to create an immersive experience for drummers of any skill level.

Just slip the sensors on your drumsticks and pair them with your smartphone. It doesn't require an internet connection and runs on a battery that should keep you drumming for a week of regular use.
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If you want the full experience, slip two more units onto your feet. The Freedrum units are interchangeable, so you won't need to buy special feet units.

Freedrum has already smashed its $150,000 target on Kickstarter, but there’s till 20 days to go so you can still get involved here.

INTEGRAL microphone array

For over 60 years, guitar players and sound technicians have struggled with the whole perception of miking up a guitar cab or guitar combo, says SAMSystems. The firm is hoping to remove the vulnerabilities associated with external close miking with its INTEGRAL IM10 and IM12 microphone array.

Installed in minutes as a ‘fit and forget’ concept, the INTEGRAL IM10 and IM12 (10 and 12 denotes the speaker size) feature a circular constructed rigid frame mounted internally between the cabinet grill and existing speaker.

A high quality super cardioid dynamic microphone with an exceptionally high/low, full range frequency response, pressure tested at extreme volumes, is housed within the central ‘pepper pot’ strategically aimed off-centre of the speaker coil, delivering the true, balanced ‘analogue’ output from the speaker via an XLR connector to the mixing desk, and onward to monitors or FOH PA.    

Having completed proof of concept, development and reliability testing, SAMSystems is inviting investment via its Indiegogo page to fund manufacturing with a goal of £75,000 over a 40 day campaign. There’s still a month left to get involved so head over the INTEGRAL Indiegogo page now.


Standley Click-On Guitar Stand

Danish musician Muri from Muri & Mario broke his guitar neck at a band practice two years ago. When it fell, he thought that there must be a simple item that one can clip onto a guitar to make it stand up by itself.

No such product existed, but after two years of designing with a team of dedicated engineers, he created a simple solution to offer guitar players.

Standley has four adjustable feet that stand your guitar 5 degrees from vertical. According to Muri, this is where your guitar is most stable. It is ideal for traveling due to its size and weight of only 140 grams.

Standley is getting close to hitting its goal of $8,000 on Indiegogo. There’s still 23 days left to get involved here.


FRETX chord teaching aide

FRETX is a device that attaches to any guitar and teaches you how to play in a playful and dynamic way. It lights up to show you where to place your fingers so you can start learning chords and songs right away.

Design for both right and left-handed players, FRETX works with any 6-string electric, acoustic or classical guitar. All you have to do is slide the device onto your guitar, download the FRETX app and follow the lights to play.

It’s made for the first four frets of a guitar and the app works with both iOS and Android smartphones.

FRETX has already smashed its $50,000 funding goal but there’s still 22 days left to support the product over on FRETX’s Indiegogo page.


Anatron audio effects unit

Developed by veteran audio design engineer Derek Dearden in collaboration with multi-Platinum record producer Paul Northfield, the Anatron adds authentic analog tone and sonic effects to the sound of any instrument or melody line, or to a complete mix.

The audio signal path is 100% analog, and features a versatile resonating filter to add dramatic synthesizer-style modulations to any soundtrack, live or recorded.

There is a vacuum tube stage with variable drive, adjustable from the most subtle barely-perceptible warmth all the way to screaming even-harmonic distortion.

Anatron is looking for £12,000 to fund the project. There’s still 20 days to go so head over to the official Kickstarter page for more info.

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