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Crowdfunding Corner: STOMP music pedal, Jammy portable guitar, Ohmless MultiTool pedal, Rytmik Studio

Laura  Barnes
Crowdfunding Corner: STOMP music pedal, Jammy portable guitar, Ohmless MultiTool pedal, Rytmik Studio

MI Pro checks out the latest musical instrument projects looking for backers, or recently funded, on popular crowdsourcing sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


STOMP is a rugged, floor-based, and hands-free performance solution. It utilises Bluetooth 4.0 technology to ensure you never lose your place while performing again.

You know you can put all your chord charts, setlists, and sheet music in PDFs on your tablet. But how is it more convenient if you still take your hands off your instrument to swipe to the next page? Now you can swipe through your music completely hands-free thanks to STOMP.
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All you have to do is connect STOMP to your tablet, then tap the pedal to switch through your sheet music.

STOMP is looking for $10,000 on Kickstarter. Head over to the funding page to get involved.


Jammy is a super portable steel string digital guitar that fits anywhere. It features a full sound range, direct audio output to your headphones or an amp, and 17 onboard guitar tones.

With a length of 12.6”/ 19.6", real strings, direct audio output, and onboard FX, Jammy promises to be the most compact yet most fully functioning MIDI guitar ever.

It comes with a sliding neck, meaning you can hold a fretboard in your left hand, and move it along the axis like you’re running your fingers up and down the neck of your ordinary guitar.

Jammy has already smashed its $50,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, but there’s still plenty of time to back the project here.


Ohmless MultiTool pedals are for players with either more than one electric guitar or for combined electric/acoustic setups.

For the electric model, two inputs, each with a switchable transparent boost (up to 15dB of clean headroom), will help you adjust the signal levels of different guitars or function as a preamp. It offers a high quality OpAmp buffer and also an unbuffered loop for pedals that are sensitive to a buffer. Additional features are an isolated output, ground lift, phase inversion, muteable outputs and active stereo to dual mono summing (no loss in volume).

For the acoustic model, after the input, there's either a signal loop that can be buffered or unbuffered (set by an internal switch). You can use the buffered loop for compressor pedals that you want to use with both guitars or the unbuffered loop for fuzz pedals.

Ohmless Pedals is looking for €12,500 to reach its funding goal. Head over to its Kickstarter page to help out.


Rytmik Studio is music creation software that promises to be flexible, instant and fun. Users can create a basic melody in a few steps, compose a great song in a few minutes, and show their musical flare with a whole range of instruments and effects.

Rytmik Studio combines a step sequencer and a wavetable synthesizer, and is supported by a built-in library with over 1,200 samples, hundreds of instrument presets and dozens of sample songs.

The results of your production can be instantly shared online, or exported to more traditional audio file formats. Rytmik Studio allows you to set different permissions and save songs to the Rytmik Cloud for users to enjoy, from simple playback and rating to remixing and collaborations.

Rytmik Studio is hoping to raise $10,000 on Indiegogo to bring this project to life. Get involved here.

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