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David 'Webby' Webster joins CODA Audio

Laura  Barnes
David 'Webby' Webster joins CODA Audio

CODA Audio has announced the appointment of David 'Webby' Webster to the position of director of global marketing.  

A comprehensive understanding of live performance and production, forged as a musician and sound engineer in his early years, was the springboard to sustaining a highly successful career, first with Klark Teknik and Midas, before he moved to co-found DiGiCo.

"I've spent many years in the audio industry and been closely involved in some very exciting and groundbreaking developments. This is most definitely another,” said Webster.

“CODA is undoubtedly defining a whole new generation of systems that not only sound incredible but have advantages that translate into tangible benefits for everyone involved in using them.
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“My first listen to a CODA system blew me away - the quality is unbelievable - but what is just as captivating is that the sound is being produced by systems so light and compact that, by virtue of these qualities, they open new doors for say, lighting, video and stage show designers, as much as they do for audio engineers and road crew. It's the same on the installation side, where reduced size and weight are crucial issues in, for example, heritage buildings or houses of worship. Put simply, CODA exceeds expectations in every respect.”

He continued: “Paul Ward is someone I know well and have a huge respect for, so I'm very much looking forward to working with him and sharing ideas. The company already has an enviable infrastructure and is very much in control of its destiny. With those things in place, I see my role as working within an exceptional team to take CODA Audio forward and entrench the brand as a major global force in the audio world - something I believe it very much deserves to be."

Paul Ward, director of global business development at CODA Audio, commented: “There is no question that securing Webby's services is a great coup for CODA. He is a proven top-level operator whose success and longevity in the industry speaks for itself. Combining impeccable marketing credentials with a strong technical grounding, Webby also possesses a genuine empathy with every stakeholder in the audio chain, from the stage to the front of house and with installers and production teams alike.

“He has a thorough understanding of what is required to be successful in our industry and employing his considerable talents is sure to be of immense benefit to CODA Audio.”

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