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FBT co-founder Bruno Baldoni passes away

Laura  Barnes
FBT co-founder Bruno Baldoni passes away

Bruno Baldoni, co-founder of Italian PA specialist FBT, has sadly died.

The news comes just one month after his business partner and friend Vinicio Tanoni passed away.

FBT’s statement reads: “Much loved and highly respected by all he knew, Mr. Baldoni passed away peacefully on 20th March 2017. Together, Bruno Baldoni and Vinicio Tanoni helped lay the foundations of the modern music and audio industries.

“Their partnership was one of mutual understanding – Mr. Tanoni, the meticulous engineer, and Mr. Baldoni, the passionate audio enthusiast who saw the future they would create together. Having jointly founded FBT in 1963, their dedication and hard work was met with great success. Yet as strong as FBT grew, in his heart, Mr. Baldoni was inspired simply by his love of music and sound.
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“Today, it is our great honour to follow his example and continue the work of these two extraordinary men.”

Baldoni was laid to rest in a private funeral service on Wednesday 22nd March.

“He will be greatly missed. May he rest in peace,” said FBT.

Main Image: Baldoni (left) and Tanoni (Right).

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