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First ACM Skunk Anansie scholarship awarded to Cyreez Lewis

Laura  Barnes
First ACM Skunk Anansie scholarship awarded to Cyreez Lewis

The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) has announced Cyreez Lewis as the first ever recipient of its exclusive Skunk Anansie Scholarship.

The young musician will receive his entire three-year Vocal Degree programme, worth £27,000, fully funded at the Academy’s London campus.

Ace, Skunk Anansie’s guitarist and ACM’s Head of Creative Industry Development, broke the news to Cyreez who was ecstatic to have received the inaugural award.

“It was brilliant to break the news to Cyreez, he was clearly over the moon and it feels great to make such a difference to this talented musician’s life. I’m really excited to get started on working with Cyreez in my Industry Link role at ACM this September."
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Presented with his scholarship at the Clapham campus by Skunk Anansie’s vocalist Skin on Monday (September 25th), MI Pro was there to catch up with the budding singer, who goes by the name ‘Ky’ for his musical projects, to find out how important the scholarship is to him.

“It means the world to me. I never thought I would win out of so many applicants. To actually win it is quite humbling. I’m really looking forward to starting,” Lewis told us.

“I play guitar and piano and I also sing. I use a Boss RC30 loop pedal to build up the tracks, which helps me be more creative. I’m working on a 4-track EP. The song that won me the scholarship will be one of the tracks on the EP.”

Skin also gave us a bit more insight into the reason behind a Skunk Anansie scholarship.

“I’ve been talking to Ace for ages about the fact that it’s great that kids can afford to do expensive courses, but wouldn’t it be great if we could do a scholarship to pay for someone’s education for free? So it came out of that idea,” said the singer.

“ACM have done it with a couple of bands, like Queen, so we’re happy to get involved and show our support this year.”

Find out more about Ky over at his Twitter account @KyLewis___

Check back later this week to read MI Pro’s full artist interview with Skin.

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