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Help Musicians Develop fund launches

Laura  Barnes
Help Musicians Develop fund launches

Help Musicians UK (HMUK) has launched a new fund to help develop opportunities for musicians.

The new Help Musicians Develop fund stems from reviews of the Career Development Bursary scheme, which from 2015-2017 has funded 113 artists by investing in innovation across artistic practice.

The fund will see a £270,000 investment over the next 18 months and will allow artists to take stock professionally and creatively through two distinct strands:

– Transmission fund: £500 – £1,500 to support formal and time-limited training and mentoring opportunities in both the UK and internationally
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– Fusion fund: £2,000 – £5,000 to support UK-based cross disciplinary, collaborative and research and development projects

Both funds are open to professional and emerging professional musicians aged over the age of 21. The previous upper age limit of 35 has been removed – acknowledging that development continues throughout a musician’s life time.

Claire Gevaux, Creative Programme Director said: “It is vitally important that we support and empower musicians to have long lasting careers in the industry. Affording professional development or training opportunities can be challenging when other priorities and practicalities take precedent.

“Through both of these funding streams, we hope to see many more success stories for musicians in all genres across the whole of the UK and at any stage of their careers.”

HMUK-funded artist Carla Easton, said: “I can't thank Help Musicians UK enough for allowing me to have this life experience by supporting me on this residency. I've never felt more accepted in all my life. I've never felt more able to freely discuss my hopes and fears about writing and playing. More importantly, I've never felt so understood.

“I’ve made big changes to my lifestyle since returning home to Scotland, to allow me more time to write. I will be going back to Canada to do some more recording and continue to build, collaborate, develop and finish new work.”

For more information about application dates and deadlines visit

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