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How playing a musical instrument can make you a better driver

Laura  Barnes
How playing a musical instrument can make you a better driver

MI Pro has written numerous articles about the benefits of learning a musical instrument, but new scientific research has uncovered yet another advantage for those with a musical hobby.

We know that playing an instrument can help to improve social skills and build confidence amongst young players. It can help with mathematical skills and memory, and one report even said it was better than any brain-training app.

We know that playing a wind instrument can help enhance your respiratory system, and it turns out that playing a tuned percussive instrument can even help the recovery of stroke victims.

Now, new research from the University of Montreal has found musicians make the safest drivers.
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Researchers compared the reaction times of 16 musicians and 19 non-musicians asking them to click a mouse button when they sensed a vibration or noise, reports the Telegraph.

It turns out that musicians reacted around 30% faster than people who do not play.

“These result suggest for the first time that long-term musical training reduces simple non-musical auditory, tactile and multisensory reaction times,” said lead author, doctoral student Simon Landry.

So, now we know who the better drivers are. Not men, not women, just musicians.

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