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How popular were this year's Black Friday online sales?

Laura  Barnes
How popular were this year's Black Friday online sales?

Black Friday has become a huge draw for shoppers both in-store and online, with the UK retail industry continuing to ramp up its offers and timed deals to consumers.

While the total combined retail figures aren’t in yet, has already released a summary of how the day unfolded for online shopping in the London, the UK and in Europe.

The stats show that almost half (49%) of all browsing occurred via mobile in the UK, rising to a massive 63% including tablet devices. That figure is significantly higher than the European average (41%).

61% of UK sales were completed via mobile device representing a big shift away from the 'browse on mobile, buy on desktop' mentality, said Browsing (6pm) and buying (7pm) in London peaked in the evening whereas 4pm was the busiest hour for both in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.
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The results also show that there was a 70% uplift in conversion rate for programmatic display advertising on the day. This uplift was seen primarily before noon.

In the UK, online sales were up 352% compared to an average Friday, and traffic was up 122%. In Europe is was even higher, with sales up 391% compare to an average Friday and traffic up 132%.

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