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How the UK's lack of competitive broadband options is turning Cyber Monday into Blue Monday

Laura  Barnes
How the UK's lack of competitive broadband options is turning Cyber Monday into Blue Monday

With the festive season now truly upon us thanks to the annual Black Friday kickoff, Christmas shopping is now in full swing.

Yesterday, we looked at the online stats for London, the UK and Europe for Black Friday shopping, revealing that online sales were up 352% compared to an average Friday, and traffic was up 122%.

Reports today from online retailers trade body IMRG revealed that online sales in the UK on Black Friday were up 11.7% on last year.

What now follows this shopping tradition is Cyber Monday – another round of timely deals offered online. Despite IMRG revealing that Cyber Monday sales were up 3% compared to last year, the latest Ofcom report shows that there are still millions of people in the UK that do not have the internet at home, leaving people unable to take advantage of shopping deals.
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Mimosa Networks has commented on this issues, warning that more needs to be done to bring connectivity across the UK so that more potential consumers can take advantage of what is now becoming one of the biggest shopping events in the calendar. 

“The Christmas shopping period kicked off in emphatic style over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, with more people than ever before buying discounted products online. Retail success is now reliant on the world’s online marketplace and shoppers are increasingly dependent on a reliable broadband connection to take advantage of the latest deals,” said Jaime Fink, co-founder and CPO at Mimosa.

“Unfortunately, people in underserved parts of the country will miss out on so much the internet has to offer. Poor quality broadband connections affect their ability to work remotely, connect with loved ones, shop online, stream movies or make the most of the digital services that so many of us take for granted.

“At its core, the issue of internet parity is rooted in a lack of competitive broadband options. A monopolised market and a lack of investment in broadband infrastructure leaves many homes with access to only a single broadband service provider or none at all,” said Fink.

“New wireless technologies, however, are empowering competitive service providers to rapidly bypass the incumbent providers to deliver super-fast broadband speeds direct to people’s homes and businesses. Delivering fibre-fast speeds at a fraction of the cost, wireless broadband technology is fostering a new breed of service provider to stimulate the market and drive competition.”

"More broadband options will guarantee a better internet experience for businesses and consumers, ensuring Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers will have no problems finding the best deals online for many years to come.”

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