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INTERVIEW: How CLiKD is helping musicians connect by celebrating creative expression

Laura  Barnes
INTERVIEW: How CLiKD is helping musicians connect by celebrating creative expression

Last month, MI Pro reported that new London-based dating app CLiKD had launched a special feature to help musicians and music fans find their perfect partner.

With music being such an important factor in shaping most people’s personalities and friendships, CLiKD features a music segment to specifically helps users who hold music as an important priority in their to lives to find someone who shares their passion and tastes.  

Could this be the new way musicians find their soulmates? And what is it that makes music such an important part of picking a partner?

We caught up with CLiKD’s CEO and founder Michael Blakeley to find out more about the dating app and why he thinks it’ll be a hit:
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What was the idea behind having a music/musician-focused element to the app?

CLiKD is all about creativity and musicians are creative storytellers, so we felt it was a chance to celebrate a type of creative expression as well as find a way to help people connect through music, as it is a universal language.

A lot of the feedback we got from the app asked for music questions, so it’s something the users want too.

How does CLiKD differ from other dating apps on the market?

Primarily, our focus is on personality and creativity. A lot of other apps out there, like Tinder, run the risk of being superficial and not being about making real lasting connections. Then there are apps like OKCupid, that want to help users make a deeper connection but their question process is just too long.

CLiKD provides a happy medium between extremes. We send our users recommendations based on what they’ve said their interests are. There are only 3 questions to answer and we’ve made them fun and visual-based to appeal to the Instagram generation.

We’ve given the power of finding your perfect match back to the user and made it so they can tailor their search to the type of mate they’re looking for. We’ve also made it so that even before you match, you know that the two of you have common ground, which makes it easier for users to break the ice and have a chance at building something lasting and real.

Will you be planning any other music-related features?

We would definitely be open to having more music-related features. The music-focused element on the app has been quite popular and successful, so it’s a possibility we would look into. It’s a good way for users to get to know each other as well.

Why do you think music is so important to people and the way they pick partners/friends?

Music is a way that we relate to one another and tell stories, all around the world. Who doesn’t have a song that is connected to a memory of a place, time or person? It is a way to tie experiences together and something for people to bond over.

I suppose people connect with the stories in songs and relate them to their own experiences, or the songs act as background music to moments in their own lives.

Having similar or dissimilar tastes in music can tell you a lot about another person as well, people can feel like they know a person a little better by having a peek at their playlists. It’s a beautiful thing, creativity has that effect on people; it brings them together.

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