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INTERVIEW: How the String Butler keeps guitars tuned for longer

Laura  Barnes
INTERVIEW: How the String Butler keeps guitars tuned for longer

One of the gadgets featured in a recent MI Pro Crowdfunding Corner was the String Butler. Created by Sven Dietrich, the device aims to keep guitar strings tuned for longer.

MI Pro caught up with Dietrich to learn more about the String Butler…

Tell us about your industry experience and how you came up with the idea for the String Butler?

I am Sven Dietrich, I'm 50 years old and from Halle an der Saale in Germany. I work as an independent musician, designer, inventor, developer, author and composer.
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Through my work as a music shop owner, I had a lot to do with instruments and especially with guitars. Very often, when you play a guitar with a 3L/3R head plate the strings can slip out a bit in the saddle and get stuck. This disrupts the guitar string, which needs to be re-tuned.

I found that this happened often, regardless of whether the guitar was cheap or expensive.

How does it work?

I spent some time developing the shape of the String Butler, which sits on the head plate of the guitar. The strings are forced to run straight through the groove/saddle of the guitar, through the String Butler and on to the tuning mechanisms. As a result, the guitar strings can no longer bend behind the groove/saddle and the guitar stays tuneable for much longer.

The String Butler is constructed to be able to be attached directly under the existing mechanisms of most guitars with 3L/3R head plates.

If it is not possible to attach the String Butler to the mechanics of a guitar, you can fix it with two small screws in another position directly on the head plate.

To work optimally, it is necessary to have a well-groomed guitar and to use new strings when installing the String Butler.

The device will be available in silver chrome, gold chrome and black chrome.

Why should retailers stock the String Butler?

At the moment we’re working on packaging suitable for the retail trade.

For the retailer it will be very advantageous to be able to offer the String Butler to customers who want to iron out the tuning issues with their current guitar. Dealers will also be able to use the String Butler themselves to optimise guitars for sale.

How can distributors and retailers get in touch?

They can email me at either or They can also check out the Facebook page or visit the String Butler website.

How important is Kickstarter to String Butler?

Kickstarter was a step in the public for the String Butler. Since the product is not a mass-compatible product such as a mobile phone accessory, we wanted to bring it to people’s attention so we could produce it in larger quantities and thus keep the selling price small.

What’s next for String Butler?

The next step will be to launch a selected advertising campaign in the appropriate media so we can get the product name out there.

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