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INTERVIEW: Standley's co-founder talks about the world's first click-on guitar stand

Laura  Barnes
INTERVIEW: Standley's co-founder talks about the world's first click-on guitar stand

In a recent MI Pro Crowdfunding Corner, we featured Standley – the new lightweight guitar stand that clicks directly onto the bottom of the instrument.

The firm claims it’s a world’s first, so we caught up with co-founder Daniel Rosenfeldt to talk about how Standley differs from other products, how important crowdfunding is for new start-ups and what the firm has planned for the near future.

How does Standley differ from other guitar stands on the market?

Standley is the first ever click-on guitar stand that enables you to stand your guitar wherever you are. There is no other stand on the market that offers this freedom. Obviously it's a new invention/product so we will learn more about its competencies as the year progresses. We are relying on the first movers to review the product so we can adjust it and further evolve the concept.
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I'm a professional guitar player and I love Standley – I've used the product we are about to distribute over the last 8 months on two separate tours and I think it's wonderful. Standley is unreal for home use but obviously every guitarist is different and we cannot wait to get feedback and develop further.

Are you looking for distributors and retailers? If so, how can they get in touch?

Like every new business, we are always looking for connections. We are off to California to hit the NAMM convention in January to hopefully set up distribution deals. If you have anything for us, just swing us an email at and we will get back to you.

How important is crowdfunding to your company and to the musical instrument industry?

For us, it was a tool to get a small number of Standley products out to a group of first movers before we started bigger scale distribution. Kenneth Bremer, chairman of T-Rex, is the head of our distribution and we are just taking everything one step at a time. Kenneth has some fantastic connections and has been in the game for a while.

Crowdfunding was arguably started by musicians and it serves as a fabulous tool to get new products and ideas out into the market place.

What do you think of the current state of the musical instrument industry? Is there enough opportunities out there for start ups and younger firms?

Firstly – we are not competing with anyone as there is no stand like ours in the world and it's a completely new idea – and that’s the only reason we are in this game.  

I think entering the market with a product that is also produced by Fender, Martin or Taylor would be, to say the least, really silly. They have great distribution and they can make such high quality products at astonishing prices because of the sheer bulk they order at. I'm not even going to mention their experience and awesome distribution. I personally think one would have to be crazy to go into direct competition with these brands. I'm sure this goes for any business now days – you have to be different and play to your strengths.

What’s next for Standley?

We have an array of new products and patents that don't exist yet on the market. I cannot discuss them too much here because some of our patents are still going through. We are just trying to offer new little simple solutions that will change the way guitarists live with their instruments and approach learning and traveling.

Muri (Standley's founder) and I have a strong focus on design and we are both musicians in our hearts. We are using Standley to make products we wish already existed that we could use on the road and in our everyday to improve or lifestyles. It's a project we both feel very strongly about and we both have a lot of ideas about what musicians could need and use.

We are open to suggestions, ideas and feedback so please feel free to email us.

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