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INTERVIEW: 'Wearable tech and VR will completely change the way we approach music creation' - Remidi CEO

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INTERVIEW: 'Wearable tech and VR will completely change the way we approach music creation' - Remidi CEO

In a recent MI Pro Crowdfunding Corner we featured the Remidi T8 – a sensor-loaded glove and MIDI wrist controller that lets you use your hands as a musical instrument.

Claiming to be the world’s first wearable instrument, the Remidi T8 enables the wearer to combine sounds with fingertip, palm and hand motions.

Remidi says its glove gives complete motion freedom and works on any surface. The wristband hosts the control centre, while the glove hosts eight pressure sensitive spots to trigger notes.

You can even individually program each sensor to create new sounds or remix existing ones.
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We caught up with Remidi CEO Andrea Baldereschi to find out more about the T8 and how wearable tech could change the way we make music…

What is the Remidi T8?

Remidi T8 is the wearable music instrument that translates the natural gestures of our hands into music;

How does it differ from something like Imogen Heap’s Mi.Mu glove?

The difference stays in the technology and in the type of target. Our T8 is composed of 2 components and combines pressure with motion. It's a product that enhances professional performances but that also allows music amateurs to make music in very physical and intuitive way.

The Mi.Mu glove doesn't feel pressure on the fingertips and it looks like it's more oriented toward hi-end users.

Do you think we’ll see more wearable tech products in the musical instrument sector in the future?

I think that wearable technologies and virtual reality are going to completely change the way we approach music creation, both live and in the studio.

Are you working with any distribution or retail partners? If not, are you planning to?

For the moment we're focusing on web retail. We're always open to conversations though.

How important are crowdfunding websites for innovating the musical instrument market?

Enormously. In our case, we would have never got so much exposure if it wasn't for Kickstarter. The Kickstarter community is great and is comprised of many different types of personas. The value in creating a community of early adopters is huge and crowdfunding is perfect for this scope.

What’s next for Remidi?

We're finalising the development of the product and we're evolving the Remidi experience in a completely new way that I'll share soon.

Watch a 360-degree music experience using the Remidi T8 in the video below:

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