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ISM: 'Conservative Party must drop its plans to press ahead with an unreformed EBacc.'

Laura  Barnes
ISM: 'Conservative Party must drop its plans to press ahead with an unreformed EBacc.'

In response to the Conservative manifesto released this week, the Bacc for the Future campaign by ISM has released the statement referring to the party’s plans for the EBacc school performance measure.

ISM’s comment is in response to the following paragraph within the Conservative manifesto:

“A Conservative government will strengthen the teaching of literacy and numeracy in the early years so that all pupils – regardless of background – get the best possible start in life. We will build on the success of the phonics screening test. We will expect every 11-year old to know their times tables off by heart. To maintain progress as children go through secondary school, we will improve schools’ accountability at key stage 3. We will expect 75 per cent of pupils to have been entered for the EBacc combination of GCSEs by the end of the next parliament, with 90 per cent of pupils studying this combination of academic GCSEs by 2025.”

A spokesperson from ISM’s Bacc for the Future said: “The Conservative Party must urgently drop its plans to press ahead with an unreformed EBacc. The Department for Education's own figures - backed up by a wealth of research - have shown that by excluding creative, artistic and technical subjects from schools league tables, the latest EBacc policy (which was announced in 2015) is directly harming the uptake of these subjects and the opportunities of pupils in secondary schools.
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“With the creative industries one of our fastest growing sectors, and likely to play an even more important role in a post-Brexit world, we urge the Government to listen to the 2016 consultation – the response to which has not been published yet - and drop plans for a backward looking EBacc.”

Find out more about the Bacc for the Future campaign here.

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