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Kickstarter calls for more musical instrument projects

Laura  Barnes
Kickstarter calls for more musical instrument projects

Popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter has revealed that its design and tech team is requesting more innovative projects for its website.

While the site is full of a vast array of campaigns on subjects ranging from funding the recording of new albums to helping a chef distribute his spaghetti sauce, the Kickstarter team is specifically looking to boost the number of projects focused on creation, design and pushing the boundaries.

On the company’s blog, Julio Terra, head of the design and technology outreach team, explained: “You probably know that at Kickstarter we love to celebrate great creators and great projects. But you may not know that we also put a lot of effort into finding great creators and helping them launch those projects.

“That’s the main role of our design and technology outreach team, which I lead. And as part of our endless quest for projects, we've decided to try something new. Inspired in part by Y Combinator’s requests for startups, we're going public with a list of the things we’d love to see more of on Kickstarter.
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“We hope this inspires creators who are working in these areas to get in touch. If your project fits the bill, we can help make it shine and spotlight it for our community of 13 million backers.”

You may have seen MI Pro’s monthly Crowdfunding Corner, where we look at the latest musical inventions on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

It seems we’re not the only ones wanting to highlight brand new musical inventions. One of the three main areas that the Kickstarter team is focusing on this year is ‘tools for creating’.

“Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life, so we love it when creators make tools that help people be creative in new ways. Call it the creativity multiplier effect,” said Terra.

Amongst the types of creation projects the site would like to see more of is “new kinds of musical instruments”.

Kickstarter is also looking for ‘boundary pushers’ (those creating things like spacecrafts, underwater drones and VR technologies), as well as projects that “emphasise inventive design and craftsmanship. This includes hardware projects that fuse technology, industrial design, and user experience into a cohesive and compelling package.”

If you’ve got a musical instrument project that you think should be on Kickstarter, you can submit it to the design and technology team here.

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