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Printone lets anyone create functional 3D printed wind instruments

Laura  Barnes
Printone lets anyone create functional 3D printed wind instruments

Autodesk and Dartmouth College have teamed up to develop a new interactive design tool called Printone, which lets users create 3D free-form musical wind instruments.

The team designed 16 free-form wind instruments to play different melodies, including a horse that can play Old McDonald, a bunny that can play Little Peter Rabbit, a snowman that can play Jingle Bells, and a dragon that can play Puff the Magic Dragon.

There are also pigs, stars, what i think is a doughnut and even a giant chicken.

“The sound of a wind instrument is governed by the acoustic resonance as a result of complicated interactions of sound waves and internal geometries of the instrument. Thus, creating an original free-form wind instrument by manual methods is a challenging problem,” explained the creators.
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“Our interface provides interactive sound simulation feedback as the user edits, allowing exploration of original wind instrument designs.

“Sound simulation of a three dimensional wind musical instrument is known to be computationally expensive. To overcome this problem, we present a novel fast resonance frequency prediction method based on the boundary element method. Specifically, we formulate the resonance problem as a minimum eigenvalue problem of a nonlinear matrix. Furthermore, we can efficiently compute an approximate resonance frequency using a new technique based on a generalised eigenvalue problem.”

For a slightly more manageable explanation, check out the video below feature a whole host of different shaped 3D printed wind instruments and how they were made using the tool:

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