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RATstands names Glenn Chapman as new managing director

Laura  Barnes
RATstands names Glenn Chapman as new managing director

RATstands has appointed Glenn Chapman as its new managing director.

The leading music equipment designer says this new appointment signals a period of change, growth, and innovation for a brand.

Having worked for RATstands since 2008, Chapman is hoping to expand the company’s reach in all corners of the world.

RATstands is renowned for creating high quality, performance focused music stands, lights, chairs, staging and accessories, and serves the needs of some of the world’s most respected orchestras, musicians, and opera houses.
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“Having worked for the company since 2008, I am incredibly proud to have taken up the managing director position at RATstands, at what is an exciting time for the business,” said Chapman.

“I am confident that I will able to drive the business forward in the right direction and introduce our ground breaking products to a worldwide market. I am passionate about our music equipment, and I am immensely excited to take our business on the next stage of our journey.”

Andrew Michell, founder and chairman of RATstands, commented: “Ever since Glenn joined the company in 2008 he has displayed the leadership and commercial flair which I believe we need to take the company forward with an expanding product range.”

Flying the flag for British manufacturing, RATstands designs and manufactures its products in London and Essex and exports them to over 25 countries worldwide. Its products can be seen in numerous music venues around the globe, including Abbey Road, the Metropolitan Opera House and Sydney Opera House.

Ever since Glenn joined the company he has displayed the leadership and commercial flair which I believe we need to take the company forward.

Andrew Michell, RATstands

“As a business, we’re moving ahead faster than ever before. With the addition of several new distribution deals in some key territories including Australia with CC's Light & Sound, and Yorkville Sound in Canada, our products are reaching new audiences, from individual musicians to the world's greatest professional orchestras,” said Chapman. “I personally love the fact that we are manufacturing our products in London and Essex.”

The appointment at the London based company comes as the firm takes steps to introduce its products to a Chinese market. 

“We have completed some really nice jobs recently, including some customised jobs in Australia, Hong Kong, and China,” said Chapman. “In the last two years, we have also started additional distribution agreements with over 10 countries.

“We’re really pleased to have started distributing within the Chinese market. I plan to work with those distributors to grow our brand in the education and professional sectors, and throughout the retail market too. Ultimately, we want to be visible to every musician, from the student studying at school to the professional violinist playing in a top orchestra.”

I personally love the fact that we are manufacturing our products in London and Essex

Glenn Chapman, RATstands

In 1976, the Welsh National Opera commissioned RATstands to design and manufacture an all new illuminated music stand. Since then, the brand has continued to develop new products with a strong focus on championing world-class design, state of the art technology, and the finest materials. 

“I am very proud of the new RATstands tempo range. I have worked on the project since day one and we are now in the second phase, which involves launching more lines, including instrument stands and microphone stands,” explained Chapman.

“I really like the Tempo Range because it is affordable, the products are made with the same design qualities we use for our professional range, and it gives everybody the opportunity to use what the pros use. We also have a new speed deck staging system that is incredible.”

He concluded: “We’ve got truly ground-breaking products being released in our professional range, we have additional products and accessories being added to our Tempo range, and being the new managing director of RATstands, I am really looking forward to supporting these product launches.”

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