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REVIEW: G7th UltraLight Guitar Capo

REVIEW: G7th UltraLight Guitar Capo

I was recently asked to review the G7th UltraLight Guitar Capo, which is particularly handy at the present time, as I seem to have lost my old one.

Before we get to the personal stuff where I discuss both my personal opinion and my wife’s current inclination towards chocolate, let’s address the basics.

The UltraLight Guitar Capo by G7th is an ultra light guitar capo, made by G7th.

Now onto the technical stuff.
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This wonderful little thing weighs only 8 grams, which for reference is about the same weight as 8 grams of Demerara sugar. Its screw clamp design means that it can fit a wide array of guitar necks and is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars.

The screw clamp design also means that unlike spring-loaded capo’s you can make the tightness of the clamp appropriate to your specific instrument. Gone are the days when you are endlessly resetting the capo in an attempt to avoid both fret buzz and detuning; simply place the capo gently on your required fret and tighten to a fitting level.

The tech data from G7th’s website informs us that this is the lightest capo on the market, made of next generation composite technology (spoiler alert: I think it’s plastic). You can order the capo in a choice of three colours; black, blue and red, however being so small, it remains pretty unobtrusive and hard to notice once fitted to the fret board.

It certainly does the job that a capo is supposed to do and makes everything you do on your guitar just that little bit higher. It just works, which is a most desirable feature of any product. I tried putting it on my wife, and she started to talk about the deeper meaning of the cosmos whilst looking for a packet of Malteasers... go figure.

So far as I can see there are three important distinctions to be made between this capo and others currently available on the market.

Firstly, it is significantly lighter, which is handy as I was beginning to struggle with the weight of my previous metal capo. Thanks G7th.

Secondly, it is really quick to attach, without the endless detuning and resetting that you get with many other capo designs. 

And finally, it comes with a lifetime warranty, which is pretty unheard of in the guitar capo world. Seeing as the capo itself is pretty tough and durable, it is almost a certainly that you will lose this thing in the same magical black hole that all your plectrums go before you actually break or damage it. As it is so cheap to purchase, I would recommend buying two.

The G7th UltraLight Guitar Capo has an RRP of £9.99 and is available now.

Visit for more information.

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