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REVIEW: IK Multimedia's iRig Pro I/O

Laura  Barnes
REVIEW: IK Multimedia's iRig Pro I/O

The amazing advancements in mobile technology has given people the ability to achieve so much ‘on the go’, and the MI industry has constantly strived to provide gear to help musicians to make the most of this.

One company that has a very keen eye on the needs to day’s ‘mobile musician’ is IK Multimedia. The firm has produced a number of products aimed and helping professional and hobbyist musicians alike utilise mobile technology, and the new iRig Pro I/O is the latest piece of portable equipment to continue that mission.

With the likes of Apple’s iPhone’s now running programs like Garageband, many musicians want to be able to use their devices for practice, recording ideas and even live performances. The iRig Pro I/O is a lightweight and simple-to-use piece of kit to help them achieve this.

Simply plugging your guitar lead into one end and plugging the other end onto your iPhone or iPad enables you to bash your idea out straight into Garageband, IK’s AmpliTube or any other compatible DAW. It’s really as simple at that.
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And it’s not just guitarists that will benefit from the iRig Pro I/O, the audio input enables you to connect guitars, bass, microphones and any monophonic instrument, while the MIDI input means you can connect up MIDI keyboards, synths, controllers etc. Pretty much anything with a cable with work provided you’ve got the right one. The device itself comes with a USB cable, a lightning cable (for Apple products), and two 1/8” jack to MIDI cables, giving you plenty of options.

I connected up a MIDI keyboard and an electric guitar to the iRig Pro I/O and with both instruments I was recording tracks within minutes. Its simplicity means anyone, professional or complete amateur, can start creating music almost instantly.

The device’s LED lights help to monitor signal levels and give you a quick indication as to whether everything is connected up and working. A simple wheel on the front lets you adjust the gain, and a headphone port and volume buttons on the side gives you more control over what comes through your cans, mixer or speakers.

If you want a simple but extremely effective way to record onto your iPhone or iPad, IK Multimedia’s iRig Pro I/O is an incredibly useful gadget.

With such a simple device, you’d be forgiven for expecting the audio quality to be so-so, but the iRig Pro I/O excels that this too, with a truly professional audio interface, giving players the ability to record 24-bit audio at sample rates of up to 96kHz.

As well as being very compact, the audio/MIDI interface also comes with batteries, meaning you really can pull it out of your pocket, plug your guitar in one end, iPhone in the other end, stick your headphones on and record away to your heart’s content (or until the batteries run out).

For those looking to sit down for longer recording sessions, you can plug the device into mains, but you’ll need to buy a PSU 3A separately.

As well as giving you a super quick way of recording straight onto your iPhone or iPad, the iRig Pro I/O works with Mac and PC, so there’s room for it in your home studio too. And it’s not just recording that this device makes a whole lot easier, practicing guitar becomes a much lighter task too.

Those who want to jam out on their electric guitar but either don’t have an amp, or don’t want to be weighed down by one, can set up the instrument with the iRig and their iPhone, stick their headphones on and jam away in silence, whether they’re in the comfort of their own home, on the train, or sitting in the park.

What’s more, the iRig Pro I/O comes with a decent amount of IK software, including full versions of its award-winning AmpliTube 4, AmpliTube for iPhone and iPad, SampleTank 3 SE and T-ReackS Deluxe with Mic Room, so you’ll have plenty to play around with.

You can find out more about AmpliTube 4 in our review of the software here.

If you want a simple but extremely effective way to record onto your iPhone or iPad, IK Multimedia’s iRig Pro I/O is an incredibly useful gadget that makes the whole process easy as pie.

The iRig Pro I/O is available from IK Multimedia’s online store and from IK authorised dealers worldwide for an SRP of €149.99.

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