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REVIEW: LD Systems U500 wireless microphone

Laura  Barnes
REVIEW: LD Systems U500 wireless microphone

To coincide with our current Adam Hall Group competition, we thought it was only fair to test out the product we’re offering up to one lucky reader for ourselves. MI Pro’s resident audio enthusiast James Marinos gets hands on with LD System’s U500 wireless microphone…

LD Systems has always been a favourable choice of mine for PA systems, it’s product’s portability and sound quality is as reliable as it is practical.

LD has also developed multiple lines of wireless microphones and systems, one of which is the U500 series.

Seeing as MI Pro is currently running a competition to give one lucky reader the chance to get their hands on an LD Systems U500, we thought it was only fair we gave it the full ‘MI Pro review’ treatment. So, here goes!
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In the box is the U506 UKHT microphone, U506 UKR signal receiver and accompanying antennae with power adapter, which has a mainland European plug so be sure to have a UK converter handy.

Additionally, in the box is a spare jack cable for use with a belt pack transmitter (not included with the U500 package). This additional purchase offers the option to easily expand this setup to include a receiver for a guitar or bass.

When unpacked we had the complete system set up and fully operational in matter of minutes, and there was no need to ‘fine tune’ the signal transmission between devices or be barraged by optional presets that hinder fast and effective use.

Those that wish to can follow the intuitive menus in the box to adjust settings, but, impressively, LD Systems’ product functionality just works off the bat.

Perhaps the last statement can be supported by the fact that these lines of wireless transmitters were up for ‘German Design Award Nominee 2017', which is as reassuring and certain as night follows day when it comes to excellence.

The audio quality compared to other brands was on par, but in my opinion, exceeding standards with no sign that an XLR wasn’t involved in the signal path.

The transmission range and audio clarity was also reassuringly staggering. With a range of over 100m, the receiver picked up a beautifully clear microphone recording through several walls and continued to transmit when I navigated to a different floor in our block.

The cardioid polar pattern was perfectly focused, cutting extraneous noise around the hallways of MI Pro HQ, and the tonality was flattering, warm and fully capable of delivering a super slick sound in a conference room or musical performance.

However, it is worth considering that if you are handing the mic to a budding rock star, the casing isn’t metal. So, my suggestion is that the ‘mic drop’ shouldn’t be a feature in the performance.

Instead of seeing this as a negative though, singers should appreciate how lightweight the mic will be during a long set.

Overall, this is a great product that is easy to use, sounds superb and delivers a great performance. I would recommend this to almost any conference team or live engineer looking for a solution to keeping their performer mobile and sounding at their best with no compromise!

Like the sound of the U500? MI Pro is currently running an exclusive Adam Hall Group competition, offering one lucky reader a chance to win this wireless microphone.

All you have to do to be in with a chance is simply retweet our competition tweet below and follow both @miprofessional and @AdamHallGroup on Twitter.

Good Luck!

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