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REVIEW: MOD Duo multi-effects pedal

James Marinos
REVIEW: MOD Duo multi-effects pedal

It’s no doubt that MOD Devices’ MOD Duo stompbox is paving the way for a new generation of effects-based pedals, combining the dynamism of what other digital manufacturers began, but with a host more to offer by compacting all the punch into one pedal that enables full connectivity to your computer for recording or stage.

Unloading the robust unit from the box (which could withstand the trials of live shows with ease), I jumped straight in with the banks of preloaded effects to see what can be achieved with its plug and play ability.

To put it simply there was no disappointment at all.

Where some effects units fall short, MOD Duo really does come loaded with some of the finest sounds, especially with some of the reverbs, which match that of any of the high-end boutique stand-alone pedals. However, in my evaluation, MOD Duo isn’t necessarily intended to create ‘tones’ per say, and I wouldn’t advise if you are looking simply for ‘tone in a box’, that this is where the MOD Duo is aligned functionally. This pedal is to accompany your complete and existing guitar tone in very much the way a traditional pedal board does, by embellishing your sound with effects, reverbs, delays, wah, fuzz, and even looping, which is an included feature. It must also be mentioned that there are amp/cab emulators, which do further colour the overall output to the desired tone.
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At this point, it’s worth mentioning that I am trialling the MOD Duo with a guitar, however, its crucial to mention that it is not designed simply as a guitarists tool. You can connect anything to it.

I would recommend the MOD Duo in particular as a live device for a keyboard or vocal and with two inputs you can split two instruments if required! Though with no XLR input this does rule out a condenser mic.

MOD Duo also arrived at MI Pro HQ with MOD Devices’ brand new footswitch, which is as robust and gig-ready as the unit itself, and connected easily with an Ethernet cable.

The footswitch isn’t just geared towards activating a new sound (like you would by stomping on your chorus pedal for example), but switching between inputs activating your entire board of programmed effects already setup within the MOD Duo brain. This is a very practical addition to the fore, which further establishes this as a live unit as much as a studio saviour.

From a guitarist’s perspective, I suspect some traditionalists may be put off, preferring to seek a ‘boutique’ range of pedals for a similar cost – though it is arguable that the MOD Duo is future-proofed by its online community of programmers with open source effects eradicating past restrictions of keeping digital plug-ins solely on your computer, or one trick pony effects pedals on your board. This is where the MOD Duo shines and allows you to take your studio sound out onto the stage, retaining your recorded effects all in one unit.

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign in October 2014, enough users have already proven that the MOD Duo is an integral part of any setup by putting their money where their mouth is.

It’s safe to say that you’re not just investing in a pedal, it’s a studio asset, stage companion and evolutionary tool that will retain its presence and set the benchmark for others to follow.

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