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Thank you for the music

Laura  Barnes
Thank you for the music

Running for over 15 years, MI Pro has been a staple in the UK musical instrument industry.

From its humble beginnings as a monthly magazine at Intent Media, to it’s more forward-thinking, online-only approach at NewBay, MI Pro’s website and daily newsletters have offered up the latest news, interviews, product reviews and retail analysis to the wide range of businesses that make up this industry. And, oh what an industry it is!

I’ve had the chance to spend time with, and write about people that genuinely care about music, instruments, musicians, and creating top-notch gear for anyone wanting to follow their dreams.

I have walked around expo halls full of performance, laughter and joy, and I have interviewed some truly inspirational musicians and business owners.
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Unfortunately, due to a combination of market conditions and a change in company direction, NewBay has taken the difficult decision to close MI Pro with immediate effect. 

Having worked on NewBay’s technology title PCR for 4 years before eyeing up an opportunity on MI Pro, the switch over from the hardcore tech crowd to the more laid-back and incredibly welcoming MI industry was an absolute pleasure, so much so, that I am intent on staying within the UK MI industry as I plan out my next career move.

It has been a pleasure heading up this prestigious brand and I am sure anyone reading this will no-doubt see my name pop up again in the near future.

Thank you for warmly welcoming me into the industry, thank you for all the amazing products you’ve let me get my hands on, and thank you for the music!

Laura Barnes
MI Pro

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