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The best of Crowdfunding Corner 2016

Laura  Barnes
The best of Crowdfunding Corner 2016

Earlier this year, we introduced a brand new feature focussing on the latest MI inventions and products to hit Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

We’ve seen a vast array of innovative products that are set to make a big impact on the industry over the next few years.

Here, we round up some of our favourite crowdfunded MI products that we’ve discovered in 2016:

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The MOD Duo is a stomp box/pedalboard. In fact, creators Musical Operating Devices call it ‘every stomp box for every instrument’.

It puts hundreds of music pedals into just one powerful little box. You won't have to buy a new pedal every time you want to experiment or even just to see how they'll sound – you'll download them all, for free, directly from the MOD's interface. You can create, load and share virtual pedalboards to achieve any tone that you can imagine – and download anyone else’s shared pedalboards in a few seconds.

Check out our interview with MOD Duo here.



MI Guitar is a new type of guitar that you can pick up and play, instantly. Creator Magic Instruments says it has reinvented the fretboard of a traditional guitar so that anyone (including people with no musical training) can play their favourite songs at first sight, or create their own original music.

Users can choose from thousands of their favourite songs on the MI Guitar mobile app and have fun playing music in a matter of minutes.

If you are a songwriter, you can also use the MI Guitar as a MIDI controller, and integrate it with your existing songwriting software, or your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), such as Apple GarageBand, Apple Logic Pro, or Ableton Live.

The MI Guitar comes with six included guitar sounds, as well as two bass guitar sounds. You can purchase and download additional instrument sounds through the mobile app.

Check out our interview with MI Guitar here.



Mogees Play is a smart sensor that attaches to a phone or tablet and turns the world around you into an interface for creating music and playing games.

It’s also an educational tool. It’s been specifically designed with core Music Key Stage skills from the UK National Curriculum in mind.

Mogees Play comes with three free apps - Pulse, Jam and Keys.

Pulse is an addictive rhythm game with multiple levels which takes the player through varied genres of music, subtly teaching the basics of rhythm, timbre and velocity, from simple dance beats to more complex styles from around the world.

Jam lets you create the music you want, providing accessible tools for instantly build rhythms and loops using the acoustic properties of any object the Mogees Play device is attached to.

Keys lets you create melodies, arpeggios and chords. You can easily experiment with melodic sequences and a huge amount of harmonic variety through simple note and mode selection (for iOS only).



iSolo is a small wireless microphone designed for use with musical instruments, especially guitars. It pairs to a receiver with one button had has wireless recording capabilities.

The iSolo is small enough to attach to an instrument and can be used to record live shows. This means musicians can get great sound quality without the hassle of cables.

The tiny microphone is integrated with complex radio equipment and is designed to withstand wear and tear. It uses ‘magic carpet’ tech to stick to any solid surface and leaves behind no residue.

You can also adjust and extend the microphone’s audio reception position, meaning you can customise the tone.

Check out our review of the iSolo here.



Many guitarists bend their guitar strings, resulting in the need to retune the guitar again every time you play. String Butler is hoping to change this.

“I've thought about a long time about this problem and why this effect only appears on certain Guitars with 3L / 3R guitar machineheads,” says creator Sven Dietrich on his Kickstarter page.

“This happens when the guitar machineheads are in a specific arrangement positioned. Because of that, the strings kink behind the nut. Because of the kink, the bent string is pulled into the nut and stuck there until it's drawn by moving the tuner again from the nut. If you tune now your guitar, you can hear the "Pling Effect". The "STRING BUTLER" takes the guitar string over wheels to the guitar machineheads and because of that, the strings cannot kink behind the nut.

Check out our interview with String Butler here.



Danish musician Muri from Muri & Mario broke his guitar neck at a band practice two years ago. When it fell, he thought that there must be a simple item that one can clip onto a guitar to make it stand up by itself.

No such product existed, but after two years of designing with a team of dedicated engineers, he created a simple solution to offer guitar players.

Standley has four adjustable feet that stand your guitar 5 degrees from vertical. According to Muri, this is where your guitar is most stable. It is ideal for traveling due to its size and weight of only 140 grams.

Check out our interview with Standley here.



FRETX is a device that attaches to any guitar and teaches you how to play in a playful and dynamic way. It lights up to show you where to place your fingers so you can start learning chords and songs right away.

Design for both right and left-handed players, FRETX works with any 6-string electric, acoustic or classical guitar. All you have to do is slide the device onto your guitar, download the FRETX app and follow the lights to play.

It’s made for the first four frets of a guitar and the app works with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Look out for our interview with FRETX in January 2017



Drums are well known for being expensive, loud, inconvenient, long to assemble and almost impossible to carry around. That’s why Obilab has created the Cardboard DRUMKIT: an ethical instrument that solves these five problems and tackles newbies, amateurs, pros at the same time.

The DRUMKIT comes with six parts. ‘Sydney’ is a Backpack/stool/cajon with conga sounds. ‘Bob’ is a kick drum with its pedal – you can use the top as a floor tom as well. ‘Captain’ is the snare, that you can rimshot when you hit it flat. ‘Hi-Charly’ is used as a closed hi-hat or as a handy shaker. ‘Tim Tom’ has a higher sound in the centre and a lower sound on the edge. The kit also comes with a pair of bamboo drumsticks.



Remidi T8 claims to be the world’s first wearable instrument (although we’re not sure what Imogen Heap thinks about that claim) and ‘gives complete motion freedom, works on every surface’.

The Remidi T8 is composed of a sensor-loaded glove and a MIDI wrist controller that allows you to use your hand as a musical device by combining sounds with your fingertips, palm and hand motions.

The wristband hosts the control centre, while the glove hosts 8 pressure sensitive spots to trigger notes. You can individually program each sensor to create new sounds or remix existing ones.

Check out our interview with Remidi here.



The Mighty Flea combines the sound and looks of a vintage guitar amp with the portability of a laptop. It gives you 35W of clean power, through a top-quality 10" speaker and runs off a Lithium (LiFePo4) battery pack with the stamina for at least 2 hours of live playing.

The Mighty Flea has a super-efficient, state-of-the-art, Class D power amp, that converts almost all the battery power into sound (instead of heat, like traditional amps do). It has a carefully designed analogue preamp, with a tone control and an optical limiter, to ensure that the signal from your pickups is perfectly amplified and processed.

The 32cm square, 20cm deep amplifier, weighs just 6kg and comes with a custom-made, padded shoulder bag so you can take it everywhere.

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