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The end of Amazon's 1-Click patent could prove very important for savvy retailers

Laura  Barnes
The end of Amazon's 1-Click patent could prove very important for savvy retailers

Back in 1999, retailing giant Amazon patented its 1-Click checkout system, suing others, like Barnes & Noble, for using a similar process, and licensing the system out to other businesses.

Amazon’s 1-Click lets customers buy things by hitting just one button, meaning they don’t need to enter and re-enter billing, payment or shipping information.

Since Amazon implemented the system, it’s fair to say that it has proved a major part of the retailer’s continued domination in the online space.

With shopping cart abandonment being a bugbear for many retailers - with a report from PCA Predict revealing it can be as high as 85% of the time - something like 1-Click makes a huge impact on ensuring those potential buys are turned into complete purchases.
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Many retailers have been left with the option of either trying to come up with a similar system – that’s not too similar to be taken to court, having to weigh up if they really want a license from their competitor, or work on other aspects of the shopping experience they offer to try to woo customers into seeing the shopping cart process through to the end.

But, this week, Amazon has lost exclusivity of the 1-Click checkout as its patent has ended.

This is fantastic news for any serious online retailer, or physical retailer that has been thinking about starting/ramping up online sales.

Chris Boaz, head of marketing at PCA Predict suggests that the timing of the end of Amazon’s exclusivity could be of real benefit to other retailers.

“Undoubtedly, Amazon’s one-click buying checkout experience really helped the company to become one of the biggest ecommerce companies in the world. The innovation, first patented in 1999 when online retailing was very much in its infancy, showed the importance that Amazon already placed on making purchasing products as easy as possible,” said Boaz.

“However, the timing of this patent lifting couldn’t be more ideal for online retailers, especially with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and also the busy holiday shopping season around the corner.

“With 85% of online shoppers abandoning their order if presented with complicated or lengthy checkout forms, many online retailers will be looking to instantly implement an one-click buying system, to ensure they maximise their sales in the run up to this shopping season.”

The more people that are able to experiment with creating, and even improving, a 1-click system, the more opportunity there will be for other retailers besides Amazon to decrease their shopping cart abandonment issues.

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