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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Electro producer Carl Louis on the art of using a vocoder

Laura  Barnes
VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Electro producer Carl Louis on the art of using a vocoder

Ever wondered how a vocoder works? Norwegian electro producer Carl Louis has delved into the art of using the robotic voice-changing gadget in his latest video, which is exclusive to MI Pro.

Originally one half of electronic duo CLMD, Louis has co-produced a number of notable releases, including ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, which went multi-platinum in Norway and was also premiered on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show.

Louis left the group in 2014 to pursue his own personal ambitions, and his new album ‘Memory Lane’ has now been released.

The producer has created a new video in his 'Carllouism' series with fellow label friends – Grammy nominated indie pop artist Coucheron and experimental electro artist BAYA – to discuss music production techniques that have influenced his new record.
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Louis, BAYA and Coucheron all have studios at Tanken, Norway's hottest studio complex situated in the outskirts of Oslo. Coming from different backgrounds the trio swap ideas and techniques in the new video, which focuses on the vocoder, how is can be used to convey different moods and the influence it has had on music.

“Episode two of Carllouism is about the vocoder. This instrument has had a big impact on music throughout history and created a voice for the robot,” said Louis.

“This instrument is best handled with a good dose of self-irony, which this episode shows. And through that good things can come out of it!”

Check out the video below:

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